Marksman 2004 air pistol manual

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Thousands of pellets have been shot through it, and I have only had to lube it about 3 times. The gun is so repeatable that I put an expensive red dot sight on mine and torment my friends with the accuracy. An amazingly light and crisp trigger, surprises everyone that shoot them.

Another Airgun Blog Derrick's on a Beeman P17 Overhaul, Part 1

I have purchased them for friends as gifts and one extra for myself just so I'd have one to loan to a friend for some friendly back yard competitions. Unfortunately I have to put the only con down as well, and it is a two fold con. I watch friends struggle getting the pellet in and then closing it. My daughter even likes and shoots well with this one.

Another <b>Airgun</b> Blog Derrick's on a Beeman P17 Overhaul, Part 1

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This gun is amazing for the price, I highly recommend this gun not only to beginners, but to every single person that likes airguns and loves to plink! The con is that the gun has a little bit of a learning curve as far as loading it and cocking it. The closing it is where it compresses the air in the one pump. The pump is hard but manageable, loading the pellet takes agile fingers in a tight area. Bought this to help teach my grandson basic handgun shooting and safety.

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BUT...everyone that I have purchased them for as well as myself can easily do it all with our eyes closed now. And if not due to a video snafu on my end I would have tied for 1st place! Love it, glad I bought it, I haven't shot a pellet or BB gun for over 40 years. It is substantial in size but not too heavy, fits my very large hands perfectly.

Marksman 2004 air pistol manual:

Rating: 89 / 100

Overall: 93 Rates