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Described in one HP brochure as "Unsurpassed in terms of software, expandability and versatility, these are the calculators that grow with your needs." The HP41 series of calculators were considered by many people to be the ultimate calculator.

HP-41C User's Manual

They sold in massive numbers, had vast software support, spawned user s like HPCC and were even used on the Space Shuttle.

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HP-41C/CV/CX Programming - The Museum of HP Calculators

The HP-41C was launched in 1979 and was a quantum leap over previous programmable calculators due to its alphanumeric capabilities and unique user interface.

HP 41C SERVICE MANUAL Pdf Download. - ManualsLib

Single memory modules adding blocks of 64 registers were available allowing up to a maximum of 319 registers but doing so prevented the user adding ROMs or peripherals.

Hp 41c manual download:

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