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Press to silence micro ATT-2562CIB-d412/29/2003 PM Page 4 Getting Started Parts checklist Remember to save your sales receipt and original packaging in case you ever need to ship your telephone for warranty service.

AT&T E2562 2.4 GHz DSS 2-Line

Check to make sure the telephone package includes the following: Charger power adapter Base handset Telephone base Handset charger Cordless handset Base power adapter Battery pack Telephone line cords (2) Battery compartment cover Belt clip Handset cord 4 ATT-2562CIB-d412/29/2003 PM Page 5 Getting Started Before you begin About Caller Identification Telephone operating range Caller ID with Call Waiting features in This cordless telephone operates with this telephone let you see who’s calling the maximum power allowed by the before you answer the phone, even Federal Communications Commission when you’re on another call. Even so, this handset and base features require services provided by can communicate over only a certai ATT-2562CIB-d412/29/2003 PM Page 6 Getting Started Telephone base installation (2-line jack) If you have a 2-line jack, install the base as shown below.

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Choose a location away from electronic equipment, such as personal computers, television sets or microwave ovens. Line 1 Line 2 Connect the black line cord to jack labeled LINE1/L1 L2 Plug base power cord transformer into electrical outlet Connect handset cord to corded handset Line id ATT-2562CIB-d412/29/2003 PM Page 7 Getting Started Telephone base installation (separate line jacks) If you have separate jacks for each line, install the base as shown below.

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You can keep the battery charged by returning the handset to the charger after each use.

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