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The Psion Revo, launched in 1999, is a PDA from Psion. It is software-compatible with the 5mx and has the same processor but is more lightweight (200g vs 354g of 5mx), and substantially smaller (157x79x17mm).

Psion Revo PDA - PDF Text Files

In comparison with the Series 5/5mx, the Revo has a smaller screen (480x160 vs 640x240 of Series 5/5mx) and also lacks a flash-card slot and a backlight.

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The Psion Revo comes in two main variants, Psion Revo and Psion Revo Plus having 8 and 16MB of RAM respectively. Among other things, the hardware is equipped with a short-distance ir DA wireless infrared communication system and a touchscreen.

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Other programs are user-installable by using a 'dock' to send Revo programs from a PC.

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