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The CMC 256plus is the first choice for applications requiring very hh accuracy. at 8.5 A ( A II B), 2 x 160 VA at 8.5 A1 x 280 VA guar.


This unit is not only an excellent test set for protection devices of all kinds but also a universal calibra-tion tool. at 15 A ( A II B), 2 x 140 VA at 7.5 A 1-phase AC (L-L-L-L) 1 x 320 VA typ.

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Its hh precision allows the calibration of a wide range of measuring devices, including: electricity meters of class 0.2, measuring transducers, power quality measurement devices and phasor measurement units (PMU). at 8.5 A (40 VRMS, A and B in series)1 x 280 VA guar.

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The CMC 256plus can either be operated by the Test Universe software running on a PC or by the front panel control device CMControl. at ±35 A ( A II B), 2 x 240 W at ±17.5 A1 x 470 W guar.

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