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Here are the steps to follow: Notice that if you log on in your computer with the network cable disconnected you will get this Offline Files icon: If you double-click this icon you can see the Offline Error Status Windows You can force a synchronization by rht-clicking My Documents and select Synchonize.

Forcing Offline File Synchronization Admin Admin Tips.

Offline Files Schedule Synchronization: To enable Schedule Synchronization from the Start menu, point to Programs and then Accessories , and then click Synchronize Offline Files Synchronization At the Synchronize windows click [Setup] and select the Schedule tab and click Add.

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Description: Offline files allow us to synchronize files between a shared network location and an individual computer.

How to Use Offline Files in Windows to Cache Your Networked Files.

Likewise, when you connect to the network after being disconnected, your computer will synchronize the files that have been changed with the files stored on the network.

Manual offline files windows xp:

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