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I have a couple meals on here that are different from the past What I Eat Wednesday post. The last time I went to Trader Joe's, I bought two pizza doughs and threw them in the freezer.

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I try to take pictures of the more interesting meals, otherwise they would all look pretty much the same. It's a great meal in a short amount of time and super versatile. Chicken Caesar salad made from a Dole's salad kit and some frozen grilled chicken.

July-August 2014 - ABATE of Louisiana

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I had some spinach that was too wilty for salad and BBQ pork that I had to eat or toss in the freezer. I used all the lettuce and half of both the dressing and the cheese, which I saved for my lunch the next day.

July-August 2014 - ABATE of Louisiana

I don't like eating pasta more than once a week now and usually mix it up between brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa or couscous.

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