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The '04-'06 MYs are generally considered the best of the W220 models, because the running changes had pretty much resolved the b-deal issues the '00-'02/'03 cars had.

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Most of the reliability and build-quality problems are from the "gen 1" cars.

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Installation Instructions -

Here is the manual for China Star diagnosis SD Connect c5 (Xentry Connect C5 clone), including files download, star c5 user manual (software setup, diagnosis, programming…). This new SD CONNECT C5 share the same software, function, model coverage, etc. So files and manuals below should work also for SD C5; TRY ON YOUR OWN RISKS. D-A-S / Xentry 2016.07 : Diagnosis Assistance System 2.

MB Star Diagnosis SD Connect C5 User Manual.

There are undoubtedly some things the same, but the '05 is a "gen 220.2." The '02 was first gen.

Mercedes benz s430 user manual:

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