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Nikon D200 Dital Field Guide

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<em>Nikon</em> <em>D200</em> Dital Field Guide

Nikon D200 Review Full Review - Menus &

Only information resulting from rorous testing and actual use will earn the title of " Review" on "Program AE: Lets the camera control the shutter speed and aperture settings, although you can vary its choices by turning the Command dial.

Nikon D200 Review Full Review - Controls - The Imaging

Once you've chosen an offset in the aperture/shutter combination, the camera will continue to control the exposure automatiy, while maintaining the aperture/shutter bias you've selected.) This ability to select a persistent bias for the exposure system is very useful, in many cases more so than conventional Aperture or Shutter Priority metering (see below).

Instruction manual for nikon d200:

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