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Looking to the future, their policy of continuous innovation and technological advancement means their products are market leaders in increased energy efficiency.

How to mend it - vokera excell 96E no

Vokera provides its customers with an out of warranty repair and annual boiler service.

How to mend it - <strong>vokera</strong> <strong>excell</strong> <strong>96E</strong>

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I get no hot water or if i do get hot water it for a few seconds then goes freezing cold ,if the cold tap is put on hot goes cold straht away and that is if i have heating on or off !

How to mend it - vokera excell 96E

The council say that if i have the heating on i get no hot water and viceverca even when my washing machines on i get nothing please help as one of the boss's coming out thursday and i need ammo !

Vokera excell 96e manual:

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